Strategic Affiliates
About UCA


Our responsibility at UCA is to raise our heads up every day and think strategically on how we can ensure the ongoing success of urgent care medicine. That also means understanding our limitations. We are a staff of eighteen passionate individuals armed with a vision that could easily command a team twice that size. The administrative team supports the advancement of not only the Urgent Care Association, but the strategic affiliates of the College of Urgent Care Medicine, the Urgent Care Foundation, and the newly formed Urgent Care Services Corporation.


Urgent Care Foundation

The Urgent Care Foundation receives, administers and disburses funds for clinical and health services research, educational development and humanitarian healthcare efforts directly related to urgent care medicine.



College  of Urgent Care Medicine

Developed in cooperation with UCA, the College of Urgent Care Medicine (CUCM™) leadership brought with it the knowledge, management principles, and organizational philosophies that have allowed UCA to become the fastest growing UC  organization.


Urgent Care Services Corporation (UCSC) 

The Urgent Care Services Corporation (UCSC) was established to provide consulting services for accreditation and other needs that may arise within an UC center.